I don't have any work experience. What do you recommend I do?

If you're just starting your professional career and don't have any work experience, here's what you can do to your resume:

  • Add extra-curricular activities: Skills are transferrable and employers know that. If you have any extra-curricular experience - this could include volunteering experiences, or even being a captain of a sports team - include them into your resume under a section called "Extra-curricular Activities"
  • Projects and coursework: If you're a recent graduate, you can also include examples of coursework or projects you worked on if they are relevant! You can also do an accredited Online Course (e.g. from Stanford or MIT). They're free and often include projects that you can include into your Projects section too!
  • Work on side projects: Whether that is a newsletter, a blog or freelance work, side projects are a great way to demonstrate competencies employers are looking for. It also shows your initiative.

Note: Our resume feedback platform, Score My Resume, requires at least one 'Experience' section - this does not need to be a Work Experience section, and it can also be a section titled "Extra-curricular activities", "Projects", etc.


Here's an example of a resume template a student with little experience can use.

Here's the full sized image.

Want more examples? Click here to see more examples and download the template in Word document so you can use it too!

Additional Tips!

  • The Targeted Resume module will also be helpful for him to find out the right keywords to include on his resume (in comparison to the job descriptions)
  • If you're a student and you are struggling to come up with metrics and numbers, here are a few ideas:
    • Team size: e.g. how many people have you worked with for specific projects or extracurricular activities?
    • Depending on industry you're looking to apply to, there are specific industry metrics. e.g. have you worked with large amounts of data? e.g. 'analyzed 10,000 data points to do x'; or 'collected 1,000 survey responses to do y'

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