How do I access resume templates I've purchased?

In addition to Pro, we also offer the ability to purchase resume templates in Google Docs and Word formats. Our templates are optimized to be fully readable by applicant tracking systems.

Please check your email for the link

Within 2 minutes of purchasing your resume templates, you'll get an email that looks like this:

To recover your templates, please search for this email in your inbox. The details of the email will typically be as follows:

  • The email will be from ""
  • The subject will contain "Your resume templates"

Please make sure you check all your email inboxes, as well as Promotions or Spam folders in case the email got sorted into the wrong folder.

You'll also get a second email

You will also get an email receipt from Paddle, our payment processor. The email will look like this:

This email will contain a private link to access the templates. You may use either link to retrieve your templates at any time.

What to do if you can't find either email

If you can't find an email from our payment processor, nor an email from Resume Worded, it is very unlikely that you purchased templates from us.

That said, it might be possible that when you purchased the templates, you mistyped your email at the checkout screen, and the templates and receipt emails were sent to the wrong email address. In that case, when you purchased, you would have been given a direct link to access the templates that you hopefully bookmarked (our checkout screen directly asks you to bookmark the page!). If you did not save this link, and you're absolutely sure you purchased the template from us, please contact support with the email you used to purchase, and we'll do our best to find it.

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