How does the business/coach plan refund policy work?

On some of our business plans, specifically Coach Essentials and our Resume Writers (Standard + Business) plans, we offer a 7-day refund policy on your very first payment. Please note this refund policy is not available on any other plans, including our job seeker or enterprise plans, and it is only available on those two

If you would like to request a refund on the Coach Essentials plan or Resume Writers plan, you need to make sure:

  • You contact us within 7 days of making the payment (7 days from the exact purchase date / time) on email at 
  • You have not made more than 10 uploads since making your payment.
  • It is your first payment to us. This refund policy does not apply for renewals, or if you rejoined our services.
  • If your plan has sharing / exports, you have not made more than 3 exports (3 maximum exports across all tools, cumulative). 

Once you request a refund by emailing our support email, you will be asked for feedback of why it's not a fit for you or improvements that you are looking for to make this a fit for you. As part of our refund policy, you will be required to send this to us for us to process your refund. You can send us a minimum of 1-sentence of feedback. 

In exchange, we not only issue the refund but we cover credit card fees on the refund — i.e. 3% * both transactions, which can work out to almost $19 on our resume writer business plan. We just ask for this because we'd love to improve our product and make the experience better for our existing customers as well as you if you decide to come back. We won't be 'jerks' — any and all feedback is accepted, even 1-sentence long, and we will process your full refund swiftly after. Any feedback, whether positive or negative would work :) 

If you really don't have any feedback, you can alternatively just tell us in one sentence what your business does and what you hoped for when buying the product — it does not need to be about our tool. 

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