Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! If you have an audience or clients that you think will benefit from our career platform, we'd love to compensate you for sharing Resume Worded to your audience. 

Learn more about the affiliate program here.

To apply:

  1. Sign up for a Paddle account here:
    1. We use Paddle to manage our affiliate program so create an account through that link first. Paddle takes care of both tracking and payouts, and your earnings will be paid out every month according to Paddle payout schedule.
  2. Once you have an account created, email us at to let us know
    1. Please include your name and one or two sentences on who you might refer to Resume Worded, and/or the platforms you'd like to share us on
    2. Include 'Affiliate' somewhere in your email (e.g. the subject title)
  3. Within 24-48 hours, we will review your application and manually approve it
  4. We'll then send through the affiliate link you can use. 

There are a number of benefits of partnering with us!:

  • You can earn a 20% commission for any user you refer to Resume Worded that purchases one of our paid products after payment processing fees & VAT (if applicable). 
  • Earning commissions are uncapped, thus you can refer as many people as you want to and get commissions from each one
  • This is applicable across all our products, including Resume Worded Pro ($39 or $79) and LinkedIn Review Advanced ($29).
  • Attribution window is 20 days; this means that the people you refer do not need to purchase immediately, and they can purchase up to 20 days later and you'll still get the full commission. 
  • You get the payouts every month by PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer or Payoneer.

Thanks again for considering to be an affiliate! We're excited to work with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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