What Coach or Organization plans are available?

We work with career coaches and organizations of all sizes, whether you're running your coaching business on your own or you're part of a university. 

If you're from a business, educational organization or need access for multiple people (e.g. coaches/clients/students), please contact us here. We'll get back to you within 1-2 days to learn more and see what we can do to support your business' scale.

For career coaches or individuals, our Essential plan for Coaches is our most popular option for coaches and is usually the quickest way to get started using our tools. Here's a bit more information on what's included:

  • Access to Targeted Resume / ATS optimization — tailor resumes to job descriptions by matching keywords, instantly; plus you can export these keywords to Excel to share them with clients (unlimited exports for Targeted Resume included).
  • Access to Score My Resume — automated resume reviews, evaluating resumes for impact, brevity and style
  • Access to LinkedIn Optimization — get feedback on your clients' LinkedIn profiles and optimize them for visibility
  • Access to our other supporting resources, like 300+ sample bullet points (often used by coaches when writing client resumes) or resume templates (professionally designed Word & Google Doc templates).

Some additional information:

  • Great for: Speeding up your internal resume and LinkedIn review processes, establishing standardized benchmarks and improving the overall quality of reviews. You can also target your clients' resumes to specific job descriptions to help get them past resume screeners/ATS.
  • Access: Includes access by you (the coach) only (and not by your clients)
  • Client access: If you also would like your clients to access/interact with the platform directly, let me know! We have add-ons to allow your clients to access their reports or create their own account at an additional fee.
    • Share reports: We also have options to share/export resume reports so you can send them on.

The Essential plan can be purchased via this link.

If you're a business and have a few specific custom requirements, please send us your email address here

Thank you!

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