Do you have any resources that can help me network better?


Networking Emails is a curated collection of the exact email scripts people have used to grow their network.

Why do I need this?

Whether you’re searching for a new job, looking to learn more about a specific industry or role, or simply want to expand your web of professional contacts, you know that networking is incredibly useful.

But, how are you supposed to grow and cultivate that network? How do you email new and existing contacts without coming across as sleazy?

Networking Emails solves that. It's a totally free, curated collection of email templates that cover every networking situation, including how to: 
- cold email alumni,
- follow up with someone you met at an event,
- write effective LinkedIn connection request notes,
- follow up if you don't hear back,
- ask an industry leader for advice,
- ask your network for an interview,
+ and much more

These templates have been curated, reviewed and/or written by experts - you won't find these templates anywhere else.

LinkedIn networking templates

If you want to become better at networking on LinkedIn, try LinkedIn Review Advanced here! We have a whole section dedicated to networking on LinkedIn.

Bonus: We also have a book on Networking Emails! You found this link at the right time - it's currently free. Get it here.

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