My resume was not read correctly. What do I do?

If you were shown an error message

If you were shown the following error message after uploading your resume to Score My Resume, we weren't able to process your resume correctly:

This could be for a number of different reasons and is usually easily fixable, so don't worry! To ensure our engine can correctly parse and analyze your resume, please ensure that your uploaded resume:
  • is in English
  • contains a Work Experience section - you could also include a Projects or Activities section! Just make sure that you have titled the section with something like 'Experience', 'Projects', 'Activities', or 'Work Experience' and make sure the section title is capitalized
  • is in PDF and is not password protected
  • uses a common font (e.g. Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial)
  • contains text and isn't a scanned document or image (e.g. generated in Photoshop) - export it using Microsoft Word or Google Docs! Make sure the text in the PDF is highlightable.
  • is a maximum of 2 MB in filesize and is not more than 4 pages long (note that your resume should be a maximum of 2 pages!)

Once you've confirmed the above, try re-uploading your resume - you should get your resume review! If you're having issues, feel free to email us!

If the above doesn't work, use this Word template

If you've done the above and our engine cannot parse your resume, it is likely that your resume is not ATS-compatible. ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) are automated software that employers use to electronically parse and process your resume (read more). 

You should ensure you use a resume template that is ATS-compatible, like this resume template (Word document). We only score your resume's content (since it's most important!) so any template you use will result in the same score.

If you were not shown an error message

If you were shown your resume review but your resume was not read or displayed correctly, it could be that you are using a non-standard resume template (e.g. multi-columns, generated in Photoshop, or use different fonts). 

If your bullet points weren't read correctly, make sure you have titled your work experience section with something like "Experience", "Work Experience", etc. Try to use a standard font (e.g. Arial, Helvetica, etc).

If you can avoid using a multi-column layout, then please do! Modern applicant tracking software (i.e. ATS, the automated tools that parse resumes and rank them) are getting better at reading multi-column layout but there are still many other tools that still fail at reading multi-column resumes in the way you'd like it to. 

For anything else, use the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (usually <24 hours)!

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